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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Something to be getting on with

I Just aquires this 1983 MIJ '72 reissue Stratocaster which is fairly beaten up and the hardware has rusted.
I will rebuild this to original 72 spec whilst I am waiting for the ES335 neck which will be another couple of weeks.
I recently bought a whole box of Fender bits off Ebay so I have all the hardware, I just need to sort out the body and neck.
You can see the rebuild and further pic by clicling on '72 Strat on the projects list on the right

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Semi Finished - Now For Sale

I received the Bigbsy style trem this morning so this was the final part for this guitar and is now complete. I just need to set it up and change the PU ring mounti9ng screws for gold ones.
I have fitted Di Marzio style pickups and rewired with 500k ohm pots - sounds sweet.
This guitar is totally unmarked and now for sale - Make me an offer by email.