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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Vintage Pedal Works

Croxguitars are proud to offer you a range of hand-built fuzz pedals, pre-amp pedals and valve guitar amplifiers. VPW have been working very hard to ensure that every product offered is of the very best quality available.

VPW's Managing Director, Steve Giles, was responsible for the design and production of the extremely popular JMI Vox AC30 type amplifiers in recent years.

Steve set up Vintage Pedal Workshop in 2010 to build the same type of amplifier, but with the highest quality components available and a much improved transformer set of his own design ( Mains, Choke and Output).

The sound of these amplifiers have not changed in any way but the reliability is second to none, the transformer design allows the VPW 30-6 and 30-2 amplifiers to run much cooler than the 1960's originals. All amplifiers and pedals are made to order and hand wired by Steve Giles. Our pedals are faithful reproductions of the classics.

Over the coming months I intend to broaden the scope of the website to include interesting information about the construction, restoration and design of various pieces of musical equipment, but possibly concentrating on the AC30 amplifier.

The VPW 30-6 and 30-2 amplifiers are currently available in chassis form for fitting into your own cabinet. We will be making combos with UK made Alnico speakers and head cabinets available very soon!
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