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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another new one

This is actually what I was after last week before I bought the Gould.
It's a 2005 Epi Gold Top limited edition which I'm going to do some work on which I will photograph and post later as a 'how to do ' session
I have already stripped the hardware out. The pickups will be replaced with Gibson Classic '57s which I've had for years and been waiting for a suitable body to use on.
The electrics will be upgraded with a pre wired vintage available on my website. The tuners are already good quality Grovers so not sure if I'll change them though I do have a set of aged green tulip Grovers.
The biggest change will be the headstock. You see I don't like the epi shape so I will remodel it and use an overlay. This will give me an opportunity to show how it's done.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Headstock Overlays

Please note, A number of people are emailing the US and UK waterslide decal suppliers on my website for pricing and info. They can not give you overlay prices, only can, they can only supply and price decals.

Also note that I am out of 60/70's large head overlays and the 59 Std. reissues are getting low due to the number of people doing Bulldog kits. They are a perfect match. Once they're gone I will never be able to get these again.

New Aquisition

Latest addition to the collection - Gould Black Eagle

Beleive it or not I bought this for the case, the guitar I was going to strip and part out. However whilst it is a cheap far eastern made copy of Gibson's black beauty, it is extremely playable and has a very acceptable tone. You can get a very bluesy sound by selecting the right combinitation of pick ups and tone control balance. The neck is suprisingly good though the tuners are cheap and it's difficult not to notice the obviously plastic block inlays, but it stays in tune!
I'm going to keep it for a while just to mess around on. Not a bad case either.