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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

LP Junior Finished

This is the guitar that my son found in France (for full details click LP Junior on projects on right hand side list). It still needs some work as the original pots need replacing, but from something that was going in a skip, its not turned out bad.

Reshaped headstock with waterslide patch decal

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Repaired Headstock

As you can see I have redone to headstock decals.
As I had previously used a patch waterslide and put 3 extremely deep layers of laquer on top, I could not strip it back to the paint and reapply as the lacquer takes up to 8 weeks to cure rock hard and enable sanding down, so the answer was to apply a full face vunyl venner which was successful.
The vinyl full face are much easier to apply than the full face waterslides, but the lettering is very shinny, I've yet to find a way to dull this.

I have now finished the LP Classic and the full rebuild can be viewed by clicking on the projects list on thje right.

Now on with the LP Junior!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Danger! Don't do this

After my post extolling the virtues of patch decals I should have added a warning which I didn't heed myself. DO NOT BE IMPATIENT DURING THIS PROCESS.

When deep fill lacquering allow each coat to dry before adding the next coat and do not put too much lacquer on at a time. 5 thin coats is better than 3 thick coats.

I applied 3 very thick coats 1 hour apart and the result can be seen below. The lacquer has soaked into the decal and distorted it. Also beware of dust!

I pre assembled the body to check the neck alignment, electrics and hardware, all need a little tweeking but she's looking good and nearly finished.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Headless Telecaster

A friend of mine asked me to look at a prototype project with a view to setting up the action and an opinion of the concept.
He had described the project on the phone 6-8 weeks ago and I have to say I had trouble imagining the workings of it: however when I saw the beast in the flesh I was more than pleasantly suprised.

The mechanism was very simple and the whole guitar very well balanced and played normally, the only drawback being the adjustment of tunning had to be accessed from the rear of the body. However the player would very soon get used to this, just a case of familiarity with ones guitar.
Firstly one may ask why? The answer being simple - the player giggs in a very small club where space is a premium and at an after gig drink in the local pub the band discussed the possibilities of a headless guitar and through beer hazed waffle the projecft seemed like a good idea at the time and as far as they new there wern't any othermodels commercially available, and so the project was born

Why a Tele? Simple, it was the only spare guitar they had at the time to work on. The same principle could be applied to any solid.
My friend has registered the head (or tail?) design so I haven't shown detail of that or too much detail of the tuner anchoring which I beleive could be improved upon.

Now for the Plug, Phil plays in a local band Called OPEN ROAD, you can click on the name or go to the link on the right for their website for their gig guide and other details.