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Monday, August 29, 2011

New NC Suplier

I have just tried out a new supplier for tinted Nitro Cellulose lacquer. As you know up until now I have always sourced my tints from Manchester GuitarTech (MGT) but I came across this supplier whilst looking for something else and thought I'd give them a try and see how they compare.
So I ordered White Blonde from Rothko & Frost (RAF) as I had an ash body prepared and had previously done one with MGT blonde.
This is my intial findings - both bodies were sprayed laying flat (horizontal), one side at a time.

MGT Blonde - Mostley lacquer and thinners with a very low percentage of white pigment, probably around 10%. Needs a lot of coats to get any colur. Mixtures of lacquer/thinners vary.
Spray pressure seems low and if you spray from too far away (more than 12") it lands very dry.
If tinting a barewood prepared body you will need 2 cans (£15.00 each + shipping)

RAF Blonde - Heavy on thinner so very wet application but a higher percentage pigment, guess arond 15%+. You get colour on the first coat, but you have to be careful not to spray too heavy otherwise you'll get runs on the sides. I wouldn't want to use this spray on a hanging (vertical) body. Once you have the measure of the need for caution this covers beautifully and dries to a nice gloss. I only needed one can to get the equivelent finish to MGT.

Verdict- at £12.00 + shipping the Rothko and Frost product offers much better value, however I have only tested one can and one colour as with MGT I have used most of their tints. I would be interested in seeing how RAF amber tint and medium brown tints compare. I will be trying those when I next need them. I would urge caution when using the RAF products, spray light coats and allow 30 mins between each!

Post script, I dropped the body on the concrete workshop floor and so need to fill some dents and sand back so a respray will be in order. This will give me the opportunity to try the RAF product again.

Contact me for further details.

Note: Thes Nitro cellulose laquers and paint can only be shipped within mainland UK

More soon.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

They're Here

The Gibson Maestro Vibrolas are here, I even got a couple in gold. Get them now as they won't last long
I also got some Gibson ABR1 No wire historic bridges