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Friday, October 05, 2007

Secure your Body Properly

If I awoke any of you early this morning with a string of profanities, I apologise.
As we in the UK are enjoying an unusally warm autumn (fall) with temperatures this week reaching 20C ( 68F) so taking the opportunity to finish that Strat body.
Monday - grain filled and sanded
Tuesday - Sand and sealed
Weds - final sand and primer
Thurs - sand and first color coat
Friday - 10.00am sand and fill where needed, sand again.
Friday - 12.00am Hang body from beam by strap button screw as I've always done, shoot 2nd coat.
Friday 12.10am unhook body to turn 180 degrees to face extract fan, start to shoot front - then - The screw lets go and the body falls to the concrete floor of my workshop, bounces on the bass side horn and settles face down.
Friday 12.10am +30 seconds a wail emits from deep inside me and projects outwards to form a string of every swearword I could sumon up at a level that must have been heard in the US.
Friday 12.35am - slam workshop door close, walk to kitchen and open a bottle of red wine - oh Sod it :twisted: