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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have had major problems with the blond strat project. Basically trying too hard to get the right finish. The body is a 2 piece highly grained ash strat and I really wanted the grain to show through but maintain a really nice even translucent cream.

One can of nitro didn't cover so I ordered a second can. Before spraying I notice a couple of areas where the grain fill hadn't covered so I had to refill. When I sprayed the 2nd can I got some runs and when I tried to eradicate these I rubbed through back to the wood, so I got cross and resprayed with my own mix (15% white in clear).

It was too white and I got too heavy on the front face contour and again got runs inside and on the ends of the horns, so I sanded that back and resprayed with the third can. I still have a couple of areas on the sides and inside the horns that need covering so I will need a fourth can.

Expensive project! I don't get these problems with the darker colours on dark backgrounds. I had not taken in consderation the problems of spraying very light wood with the white blond. Basically the slightest imperfection really shows through.