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Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've bought Myself a present

Both a Christmas present and my 50th Birthday, which was earlier this year, I've always wanted one in this finish, never thought I'd find one for the right money.
It's a Gibson Les Paul Standard 2004 Model with the 'fast' 60's neck and a beautiful flame top Root Beer finish and looks stunning! The colour really brings out the flame...
It sounds like you would expect - perfect. giving a hard rock sound to a gentel Jazz Sound. The BurstBucker Pro pickups give gorgeous thick hard rock tone and impressive sustain which isw very different from my Classic with the ceramics
It is smooth and easy to playand the Root Beer finish is gorgeous and really brings out the flame! A truely beautiful finish Mahogany Back - A deep red back with beautifull grain pushing through.
Can't make my mind up which is best the sound or looks.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Headstock Decal Update

Further to my previous posts on headstck decals I am just trying 2 further Gibson logo alternatives for restoring headstocks. These are much more expensive and use original Gibson NOS (new old stock) supplies. They are rare but can be found on ebay, (email me for details if you can't find them.)

The first I have bought is for my SG which I have decided to redo as I was never happy with the finish. It is a complete solid veneer with real MOP inlays and just glues directly onto the new bare face headstock, cost around £40 and is only availble for the larger format headstocks, ie '60/'70's SG's and EB basses with the '60's style logo.

The other type I have bought (from the same source) are for my ES335 project which has the smaller '59 style headestock and logo as used on '80s onwards and current Les Paul, ES and SG models.

Unfortunatly I have not been able to find a pre-cut veneer for these so I am going to have to make one. It should look like this which is one SG Lou from St. Moritz Guitars (see link on left menu) made. I only hope mine turns out as good asw his. Watch for updates.

This is a Willow veneer, Gibson used Holly but it's not easy to come by in veneer form. The inlays have glued inot route using epoxy glue mixed with ebony powder, these will be masked off before the face is sprayed with gloss black nitro then several layers of clear nitro lacquer.